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Skills Enhancement

Much has been written and spoken about the problem that is plaguing our ‘developing’ nation: the volume of educated, unskilled, unemployed youth losing faith in the significance of education. Every citizen, bureaucrat and politician is aware that the future of the country lies in creating a “skilled workforce” for the problem facing our country, which is not that of unemployment but of unemployability.


The Udaan Skills Enhancement Programme (SEP) aims to equip the youth with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and a positive attitude to seek meaningful employment and take them towards self-sufficiency. Thus, the emphasis of the SEP is on enhancing the employability level through 4 segments:

  • Computer literacy

  • Spoken English

  • Vocational training

  • Soft Skills


Any youth is eligible to apply for the SEP and enrol for all the segments or for just one or some of them.


At the Udaan Computer Centre we run a NIIT accredited programme, where students are introduced to the basics of computer literacy that build a foundation to take on higher level computer skills at a later stage in their professional lives. The focus of the curriculum is on learning practical computer skills along with a theoretical foundation of computer science. The course that covers Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet is divided into two stages: the preparatory stage and NIIT first level, to ensure a gradual and thorough assimilation of studied material. At the end of the programme, a NIIT evaluation certifies successful candidates.


The Udaan Spoken English course aims to impart basic English language skills to support the youth in achieving their higher educational goals, equip them to do well in their future jobs and confidently converse in social situations.  The course follows the Yuva English curriculum designed by the Centre for Learning Resources specifically for learners in the age group of 16 – 21 years who have completed their secondary education in a vernacular medium. Yuva English is an interactive course with a bilingual and learner centric approach that focuses on learning the application of language tenets rather than assimilation of mere language concepts. Language games, conversations, discussions, drill, functional writing exercises, mock interviews – all aim at shaping a confident youth empowered to accomplish basic social and business communication.


The Vocational training programme imparts working know-how and practical skills for a specialized discipline of knowledge to take up careers in fields such as Retail, Automobile, and Hospitality. Udaan collaborates with different agencies of vocational training who implement the actual training sessions after a thorough audit of the curriculum, implementation and monitoring systems. Udaan has collaborated with such agencies as Rustomjee Academy of Global Careers (RAGC), Youth Career Initiative and Skills Academy.


Sessions on Soft Skills conducted by corporate volunteers prepare the participants to confront the professional work place with the desired set of values, attitudes and behaviour. Sessions on grooming, goal setting and time management focus on getting them ready to take on the future with confidence.


The ultimate goal for SEP is to yield self-sufficient, compassionate and responsible youth, who are meaningfully employed.


An Insight


Self–motivated youth walk into the SEP sessions with great hope and dreams for the future. After the initial formality of screening and admissions, gradually each student is gently encouraged to share their dreams. Udaan teachers, the educational partners and the volunteers, discreetly note down these aspirations and start guiding the youth through the chosen path. While the training on specialized skills enhance their expertise, the sessions on personal grooming, time management and goal setting shape their personality. In a span of 3-4 months, the participants starts expressing their concrete plans for the future. Thus, armed with content, capability, confidence and faith, each youth is ready to walk the journey of self-sufficiency and end the cycle of poverty for himself and his family.

At a Glance


  • Enhance employability skills

  • Theoretical knowledge and practical skills

  • Computer literacy programme

  • Spoken English programme

  • Vocational training programme

  • Soft skills training sessions

"General Mills India  has an unwavering commitment towards our mission of nourishing lives.  Udaan’s Skills Enhancement Programme provides us with a unique opportunity to make a differential impact to the lives of 30 aspiring youth to embark on their own forward looking journey of nourishing life. The partnership with Udaan also allows us to live our core championship value of “Grow and Inspire” and thus help us create a leader in every chair at General Mills."


Cheryl Bethune, Director Human Resources

General Mills India Private Limited-GBS

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