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Our Values

At Udaan, we are committed to the cause for which we exist and our values are core to our existence. We, at Udaan, uphold these values in everything we do. They are our guiding principles of building an effective organization, which diligently works towards achieving our mission and taking us closer to our vision.

Child at the core

All our thoughts and actions are directed towards understanding and delivering what is in the best interest of the child.


Learning is growing

We facilitate the growth of our children and that of our team by nurturing a happy learning environment.


Together we achieve more

Collaboration is critical to achieving our vision. We believe that a vibrant team spirit, effective teamwork and durable, mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded individuals and organisations enable us to have a greater impact.


Excellence is key

We are committed to achieving excellence in everything we do. We continuously review our performance, set higher benchmarks and seek to enhance ourselves to deliver a qualitatively superior experience to all our stakeholders, internal and external.


Building trust

We believe that by being open and transparent in all our communication and actions we foster an environment of mutual trust and respect for all stakeholders.

Non profit Powai Mumbai
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